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Well I’m back guys! this blog’s been sitting around for a while not doing much due to my overwhelming year 12 work load, as well as a temporary transition to tumblr, which I found to be so littered with obscene material that it wasn’t worth it for the little inspiring work I did find.

Anywho. A few days ago I had the pleasure of taking a day off from the books and getting out in the wild with an old friend of mine, Jacob Plumridge (check him out at his Blogger blog (i feel like an idiot saying Blogger blog)). we occupied the back alleys and out-skirting fields of Geelong and had an absolute blast doing so!

It’s so good having a mate with some of the same passions as myself, we were none stop chit chat the whole day. 

I really look forward to spending a lot more time on creative pursuits with this guy, expect to see it here as there are some big plans for the both of us leading into the future.

Here’s some shot from the day, enjoy.



Canola Field













Catch, HK.


Youth Program 2012 Term 1

Program Front